About Us

About Us

RF LogoThe Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Research Foundation (1982) Inc. (CACP RF) is a registered charitable foundation that works to make evidence-based research integral to Canadian policing.  Aligned with the CACP, the CACP RF promotes policing research that results in better policing decisions so that Canadian communities continue to thrive.

As society evolves and becomes more complex, a host of social issues and new forms of criminal behaviour demand alternative, innovative solutions.  This is taking place at a time when police are scrutinized and held accountable for their actions more closely than ever.  Public confidence in policing depends on effective, evidence-based strategies and practice.  Police leaders, policy makers and academics recognize that Canadian policing needs a system-wide transformation rather an incremental adjustment.  Credible research plays a pivotal role in that transformation.  

The CACP RF is focused on empowering Canadian policing today, and preparing it for whatever may come in the future.  

The CACP Research Foundation promotes the creation, use and sharing of collaborative research in Canadian policing

Enabling evidence-based decisions in policing in Canada

Working alongside the CACP, with direct access to the full resources of Canadian policing, the CACP RF is unique in its ability to engage and influence police and police leaders, academia, policy makers, the public and private sectors.  Our role is as a connector, collaborator and facilitator to enable evidence-based decision making and practice in Canadian law enforcement.

Find out more about the CACP Research Foundation in the 2016 - 2018 Strategic Plan and Frequently Asked Questions